Growth Marketing Manager
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About ExecThread

ExecThread is a fast-growing, profitable, cash-flow positive VC-backed start-up that brings transparency and equity to the executive recruitment market.

With over 750,000 high-caliber registered members, ExecThread is a community-driven platform that evens the playing field by providing high-caliber professionals with access to the hidden job market.

By doing so ExecThread members have access to thousands of confidential senior-level job opportunities and Board of Director roles that would normally only be accessible via retained executive recruiters.

Why Join Now

With a robust & scalable platform already in-place, there’s plenty of opportunity ahead for the Growth Marketing Manager to identify, test, and optimize various organic, paid, referral and partnership-based marketing channels to further propel our growth.

ExecThread has a tried-and-true “freemium” b-to-c subscription model as it’s core revenue stream, and a proven affiliate model as it’s secondary revenue stream. ExecThread also has tertiary revenue streams in newsletter sponsorships, and paid job postings. Every revenue model, and in-particular the “freemium” subscription model, is dependent on a full-funnel marketing approach that not only attracts new members to join ExecThread for free at the “top of the funnel”, but also that converts them from “free” to “paid” down the funnel. We’re looking for an ambitious Growth Marketing Manager to own the full-funnel.


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