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Talent is equally distributed. At ExecThread, so is opportunity.

Each year, 15M jobs are filled without ever being advertised. That includes the bulk of senior-level, executive roles.

Instead of internal referrals and executive recruiters dictating who learns about the best career opportunities, ExecThread gives its diverse and vetted network of professionals access to the hidden job market.

ExecThread members leverage their access to drive equity for all by sharing the job opportunities they’ve been approached for, but aren’t pursuing.

What our members say

“I talked to 4-5 exec recruiters from ExecThread leads and all turned into in-depth interviews. It does work! It was the only way outside of traditional networking that I found produced results.”

Principal, Head of Digital for the Americas at eClerx

“ExecThread has done a great job creating something meaningful that is leading many to find their true passion professionally.”

President & COO at Hawthorne Effect, Inc.

“I can’t say enough good things about this outstanding service. The fact that it is free of charge makes it all the more spectacular. I highly recommend ExecThread.”

Former President of RentPath (formerly Primedia)

“I think it’s an amazing networking resource.”

CRO at Trusted Media Brands

“Very interesting approach; love it!”

former Global VP of Licensing & Retail at The Coca-Cola Company

“Love the service as it fills a real gap.”

former VP of Digital at American Express

“I think ExecThread is a great idea and I look forward to paying it forward.”

CMO at a major New York Broadcast Institution

“This is a GREAT tool!”

former CEO of Narus (wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company)

“I’m excited to participate in this great idea, as both a contributor and a recipient of opportunities.”

Chairman of redIQ, former CFO of Axioma Inc.

“This is a really strong idea, and I see a lot of potential to innovate when it comes to executive recruiting.”

former SVP of Product Management at Glassdoor

“Love the concept of ExecThread!”

SVP of Marketing at Wells Fargo

“I think you have an amazing service that needs to be in the hands of every executive.”

Former Sr. Director at Alibaba Group

“I took full advantage of ExecThread as a service. It was invaluable throughout my search, and I want to thank them for providing this invaluable service.”

Former CRO of Rubicon Project

“ExecThread is awesome. The service you’ve put together is remarkable – unique, value-add, I think you’re onto something huge; I love it.”

Co-founder & President at Citymaps (acquired by Trip Advisor)

“I love what you are doing. What an interesting and smart model!”

President at Mic

“Love your service, and appreciate what you are creating here. Think there is a real need for private searches.”

General Manager at Ziff Davis

“ExecThread is a great service, and a brilliant idea!”

CEO of Ghost Robotics

“What a terrific service!”

CFO & Partner @ Newark Venture Partners, Former VP Equity Research at Cowen & Co.

“ExecThread is providing an informative service for the benefit of all of it’s members. Keep spreading good karma, and thank you for the incredible service you are providing!”

Director, Emerging Business at Facebook

“I’m excited to participate in this great idea, as both a contributor and a recipient of opportunities.”

Chairman at redIQ, Former CFO at Axioma Inc.

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Half of all ExecThread members are underrepresented professionals. Our community marketplace creates equal access to opportunity for historically marginalized talent.

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