ExecThread has created a simple “give-to-get” point system in which members earn redeemable credit that they can trade-in / redeem to discover hidden information about crowdsourced job opportunities that often times aren’t publicly posted elsewhere.

There are three primary ways to earn more ExecThread points (for future trade-in purposes):

1. Refer new members and earn up to 2 points per referral

Each time you refer a new member to ExecThread you’ll earn 2 points. You can invite as many peers as you’d like on the Invite Peers page.

As an added bonus we’ll also award you with an extra 1 point the first time you refer a peer who goes on to become an ExecThread member. You can check the status of your invites at any time in your Point History.

2. Review applicants for up to 7 points per week

Peer Review gives members the ability to contribute to the ExecThread applicant vetting process. For every 2 applicants you review you’ll receive one (1) point, and up to a maximum of seven (7) points per week.

Additional questions about reviewing peers:

Does my vote determine whether or not an applicant will be admitted to ExecThread?

What are the criteria for entry?

Why didn’t I see candidates this week?

3. Send us job listings and earn up to 3 points per submission

If there’s a job that you’ve been approached for by an executive recruiter that you’re not interested in pursuing then you can share that job with the community by forwarding it to jobs@execthread.com. To receive maximum points, check out the job criteria here. All submissions are anonymous, and you’ll receive a bonus point for your first contribution.

Additional questions about submitting jobs:

How are ExecThread’s listings vetted?

Do I need to do any vetting before I submit job opportunities to ExecThread?

Can I submit job opportunities from my employer?


Can I buy points?

Yes! While we hope that all members continue to proactively contribute to the network we also understand that boosting one’s supply can be very useful during a job search! You are welcome to purchase points here