Peer Review gives members the ability to contribute to the ExecThread applicant vetting process. For every 2 applicants you review you’ll receive one (1) point, and up to a maximum of seven (7) points per week.

Additional questions about reviewing peers:

Does my vote determine whether or not an applicant will be admitted to ExecThread?

In order to make membership decisions quickly and equitably, we combine member perspectives on applicants alongside our internal automated review process in order to come up with a balanced and unbiased decision. 

What are the criteria for entry?

We don’t use a detailed rubric for vetting applicants because we’ve found that it limits our ability to assess the individual in a thoughtful and fair way. When you have applicants to review you will see some guidelines of what we tend to look for: career progression, achievements, future potential.

Why didn’t I see candidates this week?

In order to quickly approve applicants, we let members vet on a first-come-first-serve basis. Given that there are more voters than applicants this means that on some days you won’t see peers to review.